About – Simon Allen


The art or science of making timepieces or of measuring time.

Simon Allen - Dorset Antique ClocksMy name is Simon Allen, I am the owner of The Clock Work Shop, Dorset and I am a professionally trained Antiquarian Horologist. This is otherwise known as a Clockmaker who specialises in the repair and restoration of  Antique Clocks.

As a child, I loved to take things apart, trying to understand how they would work. My most notable memory of this was at my grandmother’s house near Halstock, Dorset, when I must have only been about five years old.

Her Hoover had stopped working, so I asked her if I could have a look at it to see how it worked and try to fix it, she obviously thought that she’d humour me and leave me with it to have a look at.

What she didn’t expect was to find me half an hour later with the Hoover in what must have been at least 200 pieces!

Some years later, my mother married a horologist, he is a charismatic figure in the local community who I can happily say has been a truly inspiring mentor to me since the start of my career in the field of horology.

He originally began to teach me the basics of how to mend clocks and then sell them in order to make some extra money, in addition to my mundane Monday to Friday, 9 to 5 job.

I really enjoyed getting the clocks working and became more and more interested in pursuing this passion as a career.

I wrote to the major players in the industry and subsequently got the opportunity to go and work for who I considered at the time to be the number one retailer in the world of antique clocks, Gerald. E. Marsh Antique Clocks of 32a the Square, Winchester.

Old Courthouse Clock MechanismGerald Marsh started at the shop aged 15 as an apprentice to Geoffrey Bell who founded the shop in 1947. He went on to buy the business in 1972 and help many people build a number of the best private clock collections in the world.

The company went from strength to strength under his leadership and in 2014 he sold the company.

Gerald took me on as his final apprentice and in my time at the shop, under his leadership, I made sure I learnt everything that I possibly could.

I was also the first apprentice to be approved for the George Daniels Educational Trust Scheme, which really was an honour.

My training was invaluable and I certainly wouldn’t be where I am now, without the knowledge I have gained from the help that everyone gave me at the shop.

On top of this, I have specialised in good quality English, French and Swiss antique clocks. I have completed specific training in platform escapements, watchmaker’s lathes, engineer’s lathes and replacing damaged pivots in clocks and watches. Also bluing, silvering and polishing.

Should you wish your beloved timekeeper to have a scheduled service, be repaired, restored or conserved in any way, you can rest assured that I really do know what I am doing and that here, it really is in the safest possible hands.