A High Quality 8-Day Painted Dial Longcase by J. E. Harfitt of Cottingham

Height: 83" or 211 cm



A high quality 8-day painted dial longcase by J. E. Harfitt of Cottingham.

CIRCA. 1790

A strong robust 4 pillar, English 8-day longcase clock movement with anchor escapement and rack strike system, striking the hours on a bell.

The 12” break-arch colourful painted dial is of great quality and depth, the hour numerals are in Roman lettering with the minute numerals in Arabic, numbered every five minutes, subsidiary seconds dial and “sad mouth” date aperture.

The small case is made from Oak and has superb colour, with a long waist door, swan neck pediments and three finials.

This clock comes fully serviced and guaranteed for 3 years.