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A wonderfully original clock, commissioned for the 2nd Duke of Leinster to reside at Carlton House, County Kildare, Ireland. This clock having lived a sheltered life has been looked after very well and as such has been left in a superb, wholly original condition, only having one other sole owner since leaving the prestigious country estate. The case is a heavy solid Cuban mahogany case supporting a solid movement of extremely high quality and stunning dial. The “pièce de résistance” of this clock has to be the heat compensated grid-iron pendulum. It is not only weighty and helps to keep highly accurate timekeeping, but is also a stunning piece workmanship to produce something of such magnificence.


Dial: The Break-arch brass dial with elegantly matted centre, bolt and shutter over the going train, silvered engraved cartouche signed “Ben Gray Just Vulliamy, London”. Date aperture above VI and silvered engraved seconds subsidiary dial below XII featuring Arabic numerals. Surrounded by the silvered engraved chapter ring featuring roman numerals and Arabic five minute markers. Lever for bolt and shutter maintaining power above II. The spandrels have all been cast and then chased to improve finishing and definition. There is a strike/silent subsidiary situated in the arch of the dial allowing the silencing of the strike. The dial is completed with original all finely shaped and blued steel hands.


Movement: The weight driven 8-day substantial clock movement with Graham type dead-beat escapement and large heavy heat compensated grid iron pendulum, consists of the going train and hourly strike train working via the rack strike system. The substantial size, weight and frame of the clock movement is reminiscent of a regulator movement. The clock also consists of bolt and shutter to the going train on the dial which provides maintaining power whilst the clock is being wound.


Case: This superb case is made from solid heavy Cuban mahogany, with no expense spared. Featuring a pagoda top flanked by two ball and spire finials, the hood supporting brass capitals with two solid Cuban mahogany columns either side of the dial. The trunk of the case with the long slender door and moulding surround featuring all original hinges and lock, showing off some of the finest choice veneers running the length of the door, matched by the applied panel to the base and standing upon a double plinth.


Circa. 1755


Duration: 8 days


Height: 95” or 7ft 11” or 241cm.



  • Currently: Private collection, UK
  • Previously: Purchased through the trade.
  • Previously: Carlton House, Ireland.


Comparative Literature:

  • The Vulliamy Clockmakers by David G. Vulliamy


Additional Feature:

This clock is accompanied with a framed picture of Carlton House, the home of the estate that the clock was originally commissioned for.


Benjamin Grey B.1676 – D.1764

A very well-respected watchmaker. Born in 1676 and then married in 1704 to Mary Risdon, he had six sons and one daughter (Mary). Benjamin started working in St. Martins in the Fields, he then moved to “Ye Sun Dyall in Thatched House Court, St James Street West, before finally settling in Pall Mall in 1752. He was made Watchmaker-in-Ordinary to King George II by a warrant of 30th March 1742 and was paid a healthy salary of £150 per annum for doing so. He later died in 1764.


(Francois) Justin Vulliamy – B.1712 – D.1797

Baptised at Gingins, Nr. Geneva, Switzerland on 17th January 1712, his father Nicholas Vulliamy was pastor of Gingins. His mother was Nicholas’ second wife, Theodora Magdelaine Damian. Before coming to England C.1735 it is understood that he was pursuing a career in Paris as a watchmaker, most probably serving an apprenticeship there. Understanding that London was the “hub” of the trade with George Graham gaining popularity for inventing the Cylinder balance escapement, it is expected that Justin understood what it meant to be in the right place at the right time, so he moved to London in the mid-seventeen thirties.

By 1739 he had established himself within the city and his craftsmanship must have been very well appreciated, being noticed by the very well respected watchmaker, Benjamin grey. In 1741 Justin married Greys daughter Mary, and so shortly after the business partnership of Benjamin Grey and Justin Vulliamy was born. Together they built their reputation for producing watches and clocks of great quality. On the death of Benjamin Grey in 1964, the royal warrant was then passed to Justin Vulliamy which then remained with the Vulliamy family for over three generations.

He died on 1st December 1797 leaving the majority of his belongings to his son Benjamin who had run the business for some years by now, and who carried on the business in the Vulliamy name.


J. C. Collection

The J. C. Collection is one mans collection of fine antique clocks based in the county of Bedfordshire.

A highly respected horologist and a Fellow of The British Horological Institute, James has held many horological positions of high esteem working for contracts with H. M. Government to the The Honourable Society of the Inner Temple.

For more information about any of these clocks or to view the collection, please contact James on:

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