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This very fine regulator is exactly that, thanks to its wonderfully rare pendulum, this really is a timekeeper of accurate precision. Everything about the clock is of substantial quality whilst at the same time being aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Inside the hood of the clock is an old label stating that this was Mr Bingham’s clock of Cowley Manor, Gloucestershire, a rather significant estate which has now, more recently been turned into a luxury hotel and spa resort.


Movement: The highly substantial regulator movement with shaped plates six riveted and pinned pillars is of 8-day duration, weight driven with Graham’s dead beat escapement, consisting of 6 spoke wheels throughout, beat regulation attached to the crutch and Harrison’s maintaining power. Possibly the most interesting thing about this fine clock is the extremely rare pendulum, a standard wooden rod with a heavy brass lenticular bob and a graduated auxiliary bob below the main one so as to give a far finer regulation. When the lower sphere is turned, this in turn adjusts the full pendulum about 10% of the combined weight of the two bobs.


Case: This elegant yet significant mahogany case is everything that is expected from a high quality regulator with the hood having canted, reeded and brass strung front corners. The trunk features a long door with beautiful choice veneers leading down to the base with applied front panel. The proportions of this case are very attractive.


Dial: The 11” shallow arched silvered engraved standard regulator dial, consists of the minutes to the outer dial with Arabic numeral five minute markers, with top and bottom subsidiary dials enclosed within having the seconds subsidiary dial to the top marked again with Arabic numerals to every ten seconds and hours to the bottom, this time using Roman numerals for each hour. The dial is also engraved E. Wyatt, Exeter and shows off the original finely blued steel hands.


Additional Feature:

This clock is accompanied with a copy of the book; Precision Pendulum Clocks by Derek Roberts, which it is also illustrated in.



  • Currently – Private collection, UK
  • Purchased from a well established clock dealer



  • English Precision Pendulum Clocks by Derek Roberts

Page 210 – Figure 21-18 A & B


Height: 77”- 6ft 5” or 195.5cm


CIRCA. 1800


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J. C. Collection

The J. C. Collection is one mans collection of fine antique clocks based in the county of Bedfordshire.

A highly respected horologist and a Fellow of The British Horological Institute, James has held many horological positions of high esteem working for contracts with H. M. Government to the The Honourable Society of the Inner Temple.

For more information about any of these clocks or to view the collection, please contact James on:

Telephone: 01525 221165 – Mobile: 07790 000629 – Email: info@jameschadburn.com


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