• We offer a 24 month guarantee on our repairs, compared to most peoples 12 months due to our confidence in our work being of a better standard than most.
  • Our 24 month guarantee following an overhaul is not transferable and therefore only applicable to the original transaction.
  • Complete overhauls are guaranteed from the date invoiced, covering parts and labour, with the exception of springs, glasses, accidental damage, misuse, collection and delivery.
  • We do not require advance payment for repairs. Payment is accepted once the repair is complete.
  • All items whilst in our possession are fully insured for theft, loss or damage.
  • Clock repairs are only guaranteed if a full overhaul/service is carried out. ‘Part jobs’ are not usually recommended and are not covered by our guarantee.


Anyone submitting an item to The Clock Work Shop, Dorset, alleges to be the owner or authorised agent of the owner of the clock and releases The Clock Work Shop, Dorset, from any liability for said clock except as agreed by these terms.

Cost estimates are good faith estimates based on initial examination of the clock upon receipt, and The Clock Work Shop, Dorset, standard pricing for typical services. If additional work is required which would add 15% or more to the original estimate, The Clock Work Shop, Dorset, will obtain approval for the additional charges before the work is carried out.

Delivery estimates are good-faith estimates based on the lead times in the shop at the time the work is submitted. The Clock Work Shop, Dorset, cannot be responsible for unforeseen delays.

Unless previous arrangements are made, full payment is due upon completion of work. The clock may be retained by The Clock Work Shop, Dorset, pending full payment.

Clocks which remain unclaimed longer than 30 days past the notification of completion of work are subject to storage fees. These fees are: Mantel or shelf clock — £10 per week or any portion of a week; Wall and grandfather clocks — £15 per week or any portion of a week.

Pursuant to law, in the event any charges remain unpaid 1 year following the completion of the work, The Clock Work Shop, Dorset, may, but is not obligated to, sell the clock at public or private sale.

In the event of non-payment, the customer shall be responsible for all costs of collection, including reasonable legal fees.


While every reasonable effort is made to ensure that all work is carried out with great care and skill. The Clock Work Shop, Dorset, cannot accept liability for any damage to the movement, case, glass or of a personal nature which can be attributed to metal fatigue or mechanical breakdown of any part due to age or manufacture, the use of keys of incorrect size, unreasonable winding force, unskilled or unsuitable installation and operation, the attentions of any other person whether connected with the trade or not, damage caused by accident, negligence, misuse, abuse, improper operation or failure to follow instructions, damage or malfunction following repair, attempted repair or adjustment by customer or by any other person, unless we have designated that person to do part of the work, excess wear or any kind of failure due to inherent design flaw or material defect that is well-known to clock-repair practitioners.

Additional exclusions are mainspring breakage, or damage caused by mainspring breakage; damage or malfunction occurring during movement or transportation of clock or watch by any means to or from our premises or damage appearing after a move to new location at the same address or at a new address of the clock or watch owner, or of a different owner.  Timekeeping ability of the mechanism beyond manufacturer’s original expectations is not warranted.  Mileage or time required for house call whether or not a house call was charged for originally is NOT covered under the guarantee.

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)

What information we currently store

At this time we hold information as provided by you for production purposes only.

Details of information we store includes;

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Mobile number
  • Email address
  • Estimates
  • Invoices

We do not use this information for marketing purposes nor do we sell to 3rd party advertisers. 

How your information is stored

Any information held is stored in a safe and secure environment and is only accessible by authorised staff. Your information is held in the following locations;

  • Password protected Dropbox Cloud software
  • Invoices and relevant paperwork required by HMRC
  • Password protected USB / Hard drives

Google Analytics and Facebook Pixels

In addition to the above details we also use cookies, Google Analytics (GA) and Facebook Pixels to enhance your experience on our website and to ensure content on our social media platforms is relevant and engaging.

Email Marketing

As a company we do not currently send out an email newsletter but should this change moving forward all required ‘opt in’ steps will be followed to ensure we have your permission before we send to you.

If you’d like a more detailed report of the information we hold on you and your business, how it is used by The Clock Work Shop or would like it removed all together then please email info@dorsetantiqueclocks.co.uk