An interesting and unusual, small inclined plane clock made by Dent of London. This is a reproduction of a gravity clock from the 17th century where the clock runs down the slope, starting the week at the top and slowly making its way down to the bottom over the duration of the week.

Dent: The history of Dent & Co. spans three centuries. Established in 1814 by Edward J. Dent, the company created precision chronometers to navigate the Royal Navy and guide some of the most intrepid explorers on their voyages. Dent proved a key player in Victorian horological history manufacturing the Standard Clock at the Royal Observatory, Greenwich which was to keep “Greenwich Mean Time” the time to which all others in the Empire were referred (better known today as G.M.T.). Dent also made probably the most famous clock in the world – the Great Clock for the Houses of Parliament, familiarly known as Big Ben.

Serviced and guaranteed for 3 years.

Height: 9 ½” or 24cm (At its tallest point) Width: 24″ (2ft) or 61cm
CIRCA. 1970

*This clock is delivered and set up for free within the UK. We regularly ship clocks all over the world with our approved and well-established Antiques and Fine Art Packers & Shippers. Please ask for a quote should you require this service.


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